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A Revolutionary Movement carrying the Historical Essence…

History repeats after 500 years where,the 18th descendent of one the Santan vedic Dharma Acharya Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji Mahprabhuji, His Divine Holiness Yuva Vaishnavacharya Pujya Goswami 108 Shri Varjrajkumarji Mahodayshri made an remarkable approach to take an initiative for Cow Protection throughout India.

Gau History

Overview's : Few moments of Gau history :

India the land of world Renowned auspicious heritage, Traditions and cultures ,had a pain full past facing the miserable time in human actions, the highly shattered the hearts of the Indians. The nation carrying the marvellous Essene of traditions ,emotions, and culture has a present carrying the cruel marks of past. “Cow” has a enormous importance in the cultural system of India, Its importance and respect is deeply define beyond an animal. ”Cow ”is worshipped as “Gau Mata” in Indian culture The name” Gau Mata”(Cow Mother)it self symphonize the most prominent character of the life cycle responsible for the existence of living beings on this arena ”Earth”.

Its key role is not just limited to religious, But its equally an important factory that actually benefits the humans in many ways. ‘Gau Mata’(Cow)the true donor and feeder of life was mercilessly killed to bloods in the slaughter housed. This incidents became most rampant at times. The blessing of almighty the holy being was killed cruelly in unusual numbers. At this crucial times a true legend,(son of one santan Vedic dharmacharya Shri Vallabhchryaji Mahaprabhu ji)Shree Gusaiji Maharaj raised voice against Cow Slaughter an inhuman actions against Cows. He acted firmly to protect cows from the slaughter house. His revolutionary steps led to massive revolution in Ancient India History to strengthen the Cow Protection Movement.

The Mughal OF Ancient times Emperor Akbar was overwhelmed by the personality ,preaching’s & actions of shri Gusaiji Maharaj. Emperor Akbar Influenced by the noble action of Shri Gusaiji Maharaj, declared to ban the Cow Slaughter in India. Inspired by the inspiring efforts & revolutionary determination of Cow Protection, Emperor Akbar honoured Shri Gusaiji Maharaj with the title of “Go Swami”(The Protector of Cows).

Cow Protection

Overview's : Farmer Awareness Program :

Today the highest number of cows are mostly acquired by the farmers and the cow milk vendors. The basic needs to both, the farmers and the milk vendors is economic assistance. For them the importance of cows is limited to their economic fulfillment. Now when this cows becomes unfit to serve milk or to work for farming they become useless for them. As a result of this they move forward to get an economic value from this cows by selling them to slaughter houses or the slaughter house agents with a good economic value. This actually proves the lack of complete awareness amongst the farmers and the cow milk vendors. The scientific religious and logical importance of cows is yet behind curtain for such people. In this situations, vyo cow protection campaign will introduce a special farmers awareness committee, which will completely focus on awareness activities for farmers and milk vendors in various cities and villages of india. The committee will approach the farmers, organize awareness seminars in villages and will also take an opportunity in gram sabhaas with support of local authorities to accomplish the goal.

Cow Adoption Program :

  • Vyo cow protection committee will be formed city wise to manage the adoption program nationally.
  • The committee will function to manage the adoption program.
  • The committee will contact the cow sellers and will make arrangements to buy the cows from them.
  • The cow’s will be placed in the cow shelters (panjapoles, gau shalas) for their care/maintenance.
  • The cow care and maintenance program will be supervised by the committee.

Comittee Members

  • Mumbai : Himanshu Mehta (Project Chairmam)
  • Delhi : Ritakshi Arora (PR Director)
  • USA : Sheetal Parikh (Administrative Director and Chief Coordinator)
  • Vadodara : CA Ashish Parikh (Finance Director)