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Prabhat Feri

If you want to experience spiritualism then join Prabhat Pheri and get yourself and others can also have this amazing experience

  • This is a tradition or a ritual, lost in the façade of modernization.

  • Long time ago, years before of ethnic India, people used to do Prabhat Pheri with chanting and singing ‘Bhajans’ and playing ethnic instruments.

  • It is believed that this ritual invoked the good spirits, further welcoming the morning with good vibrations.

  • Waking up for the morning procession meant no alcohol in the night.

  • That is the effect of spirituality; it breaks bad habits, and forms new habits which are conducive to health and life.

  • The Prabhat Pheri rejuvenates the mind, body and soul

  • It is an individuals, families or communities way of connecting with God.

  • We will be having a big question of “Early Morning”

    As we all know that we wake up early in the morning, for professional meeting, for early morning flight, for some occasion like marriage or festival for yoga or to prepare Tiffin for the kids that means, we wake up early in the morning just for ourselves.

    But our Gurudev (Mentor) ,His Holiness Yuva Vaishnavacharya Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri has taught us to offer one day for Lord Krishna So from now onwards, we all members will wake up early morning on first Ekadashi of every month for the pushti prabhat pheri which will be just for Lord Krishna(selfless motive)

    Rules of Prabhat Pheri

  • It is open for all.

  • Tilak is compulsory for all.

  • Everyone must need to keep silence (moun) from the morning once you wake up.(Spending time in silence with a group of friends offers deep regeneration of your spirit, allowing the work of the week ahead of you to unfold happily, harmoniously and with fresh energy.)

  • We will break this silence in Prabhat Pheri with the chanting. No one is allowed to utter any other word rather than chanting.

  • ID card is must.

  • Dress code to be followed by everyone.
    Boys, Girls and Men-VYO T-shirts and denim
    Women- Saree or Salvar suit
    No smoking and No alcohol for the Ekadashi at least.

  • What is to be done in Prabhat Pheri?

  • Everyone will gather at venue before 10 minutes.

  • Welcome with Tilakam

  • Bhajan Team with mike, manjira and dhol etc.

  • Everyone will follow the discipline.

  • All boys will carry VYO flag

  • One member will carry Pushtidwaj.

  • Initially, singer will start Jap and everyone will follow it. This will continue for 10 minutes. After that everyone will experienced the divine dhun with the music.

  • Order of Prabhat Pheri

  • Banner

  • Member with Pushti Dhwaj

  • Musical Team

  • Boys with VYO flag

  • Committee members

  • Men

  • Girls

  • Women